Beaches - be inspired to roam the coast

Although not abundant with sandy shores, Rousay still has something special to offer those who seek an adventure across sandy beaches.

Nousty Sand / Bay of Saviskaill

Nousty Sand at Saviskaill Bay is a wonderful sandy beach with amazing views, making it a great picnic spot. Seals also populate the Bay throughout the year.

Going East from the beach, and climbing over the large rocks and the rockpools, the scenery is particularly vibrant and inspiring.

Scockness Beach

Scockness Beach, whilst just a short trek from the road, is a beautiful, sandy beach, hidden from view on the main road. This quiet spot is a fantastic location for a picnic, especially on a glorious summer day.

North Sand

Follow the coast around, and come to North Sand, a peaceful location in front of Scockness Loch. Confusingly, North Sand does not possess any sand along its shore, but you may find Groatie Buckies - an Orcadian term for a species of small sea snail known around the rest of Great Britain as Cowries. Birds - such as Cormorants - are aplenty here.


Noustiger, often referred to as 'Lopness Beach', tends to be a more stoney beach, with less sand. But it's got unrivalled views across to the splendid Saint Magnus Church on the nearby island of Egilsay. Suso Burn runs onto this beach, with domestic ducks often populating the mouth of this stream of water.