Rousay - be inspired to visit The Egypt of the North

Rousay is a small island within the Orkney Islands, a group of islands in the North of Scotland. The islands of Orkney are known worldwide for being home to an amazing number of historical and archological sites, including the most complete Neolithic village in Europe ('Scara Brae'), as well as the symbolic, St. Magnus Cathedral - the most Northerly cathedral in Great Britain.

A trip to Orkney offers something very special indeed, and is a great location for many different kinds of travellers - from independant explorers, to couples both young and old sharing a holiday filled with adventures, and families too; Orkney is perfect for children, with fresh air and plenty to do, ensuring that the little ones never get bored.

Each island in Orkney offers something for everyone, and we encourage you to experience as many of the islands and sites as possible, but take the time to travel to Rousay and you will not be disappointed. It's incredibly unique, as it impressively hosts over 160 of these sites which are just waiting to be explored, and, being only a short distance from the Mainland of Orkney, the island is a must-see destination, whether you come over for a day, or stay for longer at one of our accommodation providers.

A population of around 230 live on Rousay, an island which is thriving with local businesses, with a growing emphasis on self-sustainability and local talent.

Rousay is very closely linked to the nearby islands of Egilsay and Wyre; together, the three islands form a strong community of about 275 people. Egilsay and Wyre also host some of Orkney's finest historical sites, and are equally accessible, sharing a regular ferry service with Rousay.

A holiday to Orkney is special, but make a journey to Rousay, and be inspired.