Shopping - be inspired to buy a bit of Rousay!

Shopping on Rousay is an opportunity to purchase something very unique and special. The island is home to a plethora of very talented and creative people, including artists, designers, and photographers.

The Crafthub showcases a range of local talents. Open throughout the year, Rousay's craft shop is located just a couple of minutes walk up from the ferry.

Postcards and other souvenirs are for sale at Marion's Shop. This well-stocked shop also stocks general grocery items, including fresh bread, fruit, milk, and vegetables. The Orkney breads, meats and potatoes available from the shop are a great way of sampling Orkney flavours if you are staying in self-catering accommodation while you are on Rousay. Why not combine your meal with a bottle of Orkney Wine?

Marion's Shop's adjoining filling station provides petrol and diesel, while Calor gas and coal can also be purchased in the shop.

Cool down with an ice-cream in the shop's beautiful garden and seating area - The delicious, creamy Orkney Ice-Cream is highly recommended, and comes in a number of lovely flavours. If you want to try even more Orkney produce, try a piece or two of the sweet Orkney Fudge, for a unique tasting experience you can't get anywhere else.